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Basic infrastructure: House : built with wood, bamboo, brick and nipa and zinc for roofing                                                Road: muddy road with upper layer gravel School: built with brick, concrete and zinc for roofing Clinic: No (There is no clinic and medic in the village and if they feel sick, they must go to Zike Ka Yae village nearby  and Thaton Town to receive medical treatments.) Water: 2 water ponds for house usage and drinking but preferring rain water for drinking during raining season (Having 1 Drinking Water Pond and 3 Water Ponds for household and livestocks) Religious building: 1 monastery Education Primary education (When the students passed grade 7, they must attend their further education in Zike Ka Yae village and Thaton Town, some students are drop out. Their parents feel unsafe to let their children go to school with bad road condition and far distance.) Migration Many families were migrated from Bago region and Mon State especially from Pound, Kyaikhto and Thaton township. Simarity, some youth are migrated to Thailand, Malaysia for work purpose and some are locally migrated to Mawlamyine and town near by for job seeking. No. of House Hold:                 210 No. of Population:                   Over 1200 (--- Male / --- Female) Livelihood:                               Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Causal Labour and other (about 90% of household are working on fisheries) Livelihood per HH:                  9% Famers, 70% Fishermen, 21%  Casual Labours and livestock   Other:                                      Aung Kan Thar village was established in ---- by the people who were affected by riverbank erosion. This new resettlement area is provided by Mon State Government. It is a new form up salty land and beside fisheries and breeding livestock, unable to grow paddy and other types of crop. Started from last year, the Mon State Government allocated the land and provided to Kyar Si Aung community with 4-5 aces only for some families. To be fair, because of limitation of new form up land, every family had to take lucky draw to received spot of land. By providing technical support and paddy seeds from GoMP agriculture sector, Kyar Si Aung community will be able to grow their paddy.